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100 5mm IR Infrared LEDs 850nm

100 5mm IR Infrared LEDs 850nm


100 5mm IR Infrared LEDs 850nm

Emitted Color: Infrared

Size: 5mm

Lens Color : Water Clear

Forward Voltage (V) : 1.5~1.6 Forward Current (mA): 60mA Continuous, 120mA peak for 10% Pulse Width wavelength (nm):850 View Angle: 15-30 degree.

A high-performance infrared emitter whose peak wavelength is 850nm. These high-output infrared LEDs are a perfect light source for various kinds of security systems that need higher radiation. They also can be used in products ranging from TV remotes and auto-focus cameras to electronic gates. Please note you cannot see IR with your eyes.

Feel assured we only sell high quality 100 5mm IR Infrared LEDs 850nm at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 100 5mm IR Infrared LEDs 850nm, feel free to email us.
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