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12W LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light 85-265V AC

12W LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light 85-265V AC



  • Dimmable
  • 12W (12x1W LED)
  • Warm White or Cool White
  • 45 Degree Beam Pattern
  • Cast Aluminum housing
  • Shell is made from Glass
  • 85-265V AC
  • Long Life
  • Lower power usage will save 90%
  • No RF
  • No Mercury
  • Shock Proof
  • Instant On
  • Size: 135mm x 70mm with hole cutout: 118-123mm

The longest lasting, most energy efficient downlight ever made.

It's a once-in-a-generation breakthrough that delivers the warmth and luxurious color of incandescent lamps along with all the cost savings and other benefits of eco-friendly LED technology. So take a look at what this light can do for you, and you'll never look at light the same way again.

1. You may never change another light bulb.

The LR6 lasts more than 20 years (50,000 hours) under normal use. That makes life simpler, especially in hard-to-reach installations.

2. Look at a home in a different light.

The quality of light from the LR6 is unmatched.
There's no harsh glare, just warm, beautiful light.


3. The heat is off.

Unlike incandescent fixtures, the LR6 is comfortable to the touch, and it reduces the burden and cost of the air conditioning system.

4. Great light has never been so green.

The new LR6 uses 85% less energy than a conventional incandescent and less than half that of a comparable fluorescent. And unlike any fluorescent, the LR6 contains no harmful mercury.

5. Shedding light on lower costs.

Savings like these mean the LR6, in typical use,
more than pays for itself in
electricity savings.


Feel assured we only sell high quality 12W LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light 85-265V AC at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 12W LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light 85-265V AC, feel free to email us.
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12W LED Recessed Ceiling Down Light 85-265V AC

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