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4.5W Solar Panel System 12V

4.5W Solar Panel System 12V


FOR 12 VOLT SYSTEMS These durable solar panels are ideal for 12 volt applications.

Its durable water proof construction is designed for outdoor and marine use. (surprisingly many 12 volt solar panels are not designed for outdoor use) These panels can be permanently mounted or remain unmounted on the provided stands and positioned for ideal sun exposure throughout the day. One panel will keep your batteries charged and you can connect more panels together as your power usage demands. WHAT YOU GET: These are brand new high quality solar panels packed in full color gift quality boxes. They are pre wired with battery clamps for immediate out of the box use.

A diode is pre wired to prevent draining batteries at night. Specifics: Power (max): 4.5 watts Voltage voc: 18 volts Current (max) Isc: 250mA Size: 187mm x 255mm x 17mm Has built-in diode Has pre wired clamps

Feel assured we only sell high quality 4.5W Solar Panel System 12V at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 4.5W Solar Panel System 12V, feel free to email us.
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