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100 5mm Blue LED 5000 mcd

100 5mm Blue LED 5000 mcd


100 5mm Blue LED 5000mcd Emitted Colour : Blue Size: 5mm Lens Color : Water Clear Forward Voltage (V) : 3.2~3.6 Forward Current (mA): 20

Very popular for small DIY installations. If you need wide angle look at our FLAT 5mm

Wavelength (nm):460-463-466

View Angle: About 25 degree. Luminous Intensity: 5000mcd Supplied with free resistors for 12V

Premium quality - Made in the USA 5mm LEDs. Our pride ourselves in providing you the best quality LED money can buy. Our 5mm Blue series are not produced in China like so many other vendors offer. We will not sacrifice price for low quality LEDs at

Feel assured we only sell high quality 100 5mm Blue LED 5000 mcd at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 100 5mm Blue LED 5000 mcd, feel free to email us.
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  • Model: 5mm-B

100 5mm Blue LED 5000 mcd

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