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PAR38 LED Grow Bulb Red/Blue

PAR38 LED Grow Bulb Red/Blue


Grow better, healthier plants AND save time and costs with  this  red and blue LED  light bulb which is for use with  hydroponically grown plants.

Bulb Type

Standard Screw Base

Life time

50,000 Hours


25 RED 650nm + 143 Blue (450nm)

Better Results!

  • Works  more effectively than white lights to enhance plants' growth and flowering ability  
  • Low bulb heat means leaves don't frazzle and burn if accidentally touched  
  • Wide angle light coverage bathes all leaves in light, not just those  directly in the rays    
  • Low bulb heat means lights can be placed closer to plants which helps  accelerate photosynthesis

Lower Costs!

  • Lower bulb heat means you won't need to use as much air conditioning in summer months as you do with hot bulbs  
  • Lower bulb heat means light can be placed closer to plants, saving space and leaving you more room for more plants
  • Lower bulb heat means plants don't get as hot, therefore need less watering - saving you  time  
  • The blended mix of  red and blue LED's   means you spend less time monitoring and re-arranging plants to ensure all-over coverage


  • Bulb colour:  red and blue mix  
  • Number of LED bulbs: 168  
  • Bulb type: PAR38  
  • Fitting: E27 bayonet   
  • Diameter: 125m (5")  
  • Included: One PAR38 red and blue LED grow light bulb
Feel assured we only sell high quality PAR38 LED Grow Bulb Red/Blue at the best prices around. If you have any questions about PAR38 LED Grow Bulb Red/Blue, feel free to email us.
  • Model: PAR38-RED-BLUE

PAR38 LED Grow Bulb Red/Blue

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