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PAR56 LED Long Stage Light

PAR56 LED Long Stage Light


LED products are being increasingly used to replace traditional lighting systems, and as concerns over energy supplies grow, LED lighting is likely to gain greater popularity.

Benefits include:

Low Power Consumption

Low Heat

Smaller lamps with higher output

Lighter weight to carry or fly

Earth friendly

Cutting edge lighting technology

Bulbs are rated up to 100,000 hours




120V, PAR56 LED, Long
DMX, Auto, Sound Active, Linking
174 1/4-watt LEDs - R:75, G:54, B:45


Light Source:
Red: 75 LEDs Ø5 0.044W
Green: 54 LEDs Ø5 0.064W
Blue: 45 LEDs Ø5 0.064W

Total Output Power: 9.64 W
Control Modes: DMX, Auto, Sound Active, M/S (Linking)
DMX Channels: 5

Channel Function:

Channel 1: Red intensity
Channel 2: Green intensity
Channel 3: Blue intensity
Channel 4: Dimmer
Channel 5: Strobe speed

Built-in Programs: Single color, multi-colors, rainbow, variable strobe
Power Consumption: 15W
Voltage: AC 120/240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: L: Ø230*400mm / S: Ø230*300mm
Weight: L: 2.4 kg / S: 2.7 kg

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