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Wireless LED Controller 12V Dmming

Wireless LED Controller 12V Dmming


This is the latest in Wireless LED Controller using 12V and outputting 12V. This allows you to create custom patterns and effects withh your LED products. Your LEDs must be 12V input, or you must put them in series to allow 12V use.

This 12VDC Lighting Mode Remote Control Kit remotely controls ON and OFF, continuously ON from dim to brightest that goes circled around, 8 grades of solid ON from dim to brightest, ON with stroke mode. It is ideal for 12V lighting projects and applications.

    • Transmitter / Key Usage:
      Upper left button (Red) – Solid ON with 8 grades from dim to brightest.
      Upper right button (Grey) – ON in Stroke Mode.
      Lower left button (Grey) – ON with 8 grades from dim to brightest.
      Lower right button (Grey) – OFF that turns off any mode.
    • Power - 12VDC / 36Amps
    • Distance - 30 Meter ( No obstacles present)
    • Antenna – Blue Wire
    • Wiring Diagram:
      White wire – 12VDC Output
      Red Wire – 12VDC Input
      Black Wires – Ground
      Blue Wire – Antenna

Comes with full instructions and use.

Feel assured we only sell high quality Wireless LED Controller 12V Dmming at the best prices around. If you have any questions about Wireless LED Controller 12V Dmming, feel free to email us.
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  • Model: RM-06

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