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RGB LED Controller with 1ft LED Strip

RGB LED Controller with 1ft LED Strip

Starting at: $20.99

RGB LED Strip + Controller + Wireless Remote

This is our high tech LED strips which includes a flasher box with various flashing patterns done by a controller box. It will cycle between: RED GREEN BLUE emitting colors. Included is 1ft of LED strip. This flasher box can also be used on our LED Strip by the foot sold seperate. If you want more than 1ft, you must buy more by selecting below.

  • 1 x Wired Controller BOX
  • 1 x 1ft Strip
  • Watch video below for colors/patterns
  • Easy to install with built on Adhesive (surface must be clean and smooth)
  • 1mm thickness and 1 cm wide!
  • Can be cut every 3 inches
  • 100% Water proof



Are these LED strips cutable? Yes, every 3 inches you can cut the strip shorter. Each end of the 1ft strip has a 4pin connector hole. If you cut a strip, you will need another RGB controller if you want plug and play. Otherwise, you can cut your RGB controller output wire and inside the wire you will find 4 wires. These wires can be soldered to the RGB strip. It is not an easy job, and for this reason we recommend sticking with 4pin adapters that are plug and play.

Can I extend this? Yes, each 1ft strip has a 4 pin hole. Insert the provided 4pin adapter and it can connect to the next 1ft strip. This can go on for about 30 feet. After 30 feet their might be voltage drop and not recommended.

When I ordered the basic 1ft what do I get? You get an RGB controller that runs from 12V and a 1ft strip. They plug to each other easy.


Feel assured we only sell high quality RGB LED Controller with 1ft LED Strip at the best prices around. If you have any questions about RGB LED Controller with 1ft LED Strip, feel free to email us.
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