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Future of LED Lighting in our Cars and Homes

Future of LED Lighting in our Cars and Homes

LED lights are quickly replacing old fluorescent tubes and bulbs in our homes. These lights are not only economical and save energy but they also have unlimited benefits because of their small size and the amount of flexibility they come with. LED lights are available in all kinds of colors which are produced by combining the three basic colors: red, blue and green. These types of lights are also used as under-car lights and flashing lights in case of an emergency. Because of their optimized design these lights last for a long time and therefore they are truly cost effective in the long run.

LED lighting bars and strips are quite popular all over the world. There are low power LED’s and high power LED’s used in these kinds of lights for different purposes. Normally lights used for indoor decoration are low power because most people prefer dim interior lighting. Many other kinds of LED lights are available out there in the form of night lights, walkway and stair lighting, recessed or ceiling lights, and porch and landscaping lights. All these lights are easy to install including LED car headlight kits. Renowned manufacturers like Philips also produce white-colored LED energy saving bulbs which are quite efficient and sturdy.     

Car enthusiasts like LED headlights because they are not only brighter but also last longer than ordinary halogen headlights. These lights come with 12 volt bulbs which produce 4 times more light than incandescent bulbs normally used in the making of car headlights. Because these bulbs are also capable of saving power, they can significantly improve the performance of your car. Good quality LED lights last for 50,000 hours and even more. Car headlights made of LED bulbs are made shockproof and waterproof. They are therefore ideal to be used during long journeys and on rough terrains.  

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) LED car headlights are also becoming increasingly popular in today’s high-tech world. These state-of-the-art and easy to install lights can be spotted on the market without much trouble. They come with complete instructions to help you set up the headlights yourself without needing the assistance of a mechanic. Because LED’s are heat sensitive, the headlights are designed to stay below a specific temperature and hence these lights do not heat up. In addition to these headlights and tail lights, LED under car strobe lighting and car exterior lighting systems are also gaining widespread popularity all over the world.   

Underbody car LED kits come in a range of exciting colors and forms. These kits are equipped with remote controls and are capable of operating in different modes, for example flashing, strobing, chasing, phasing etc. Modern high quality underbody kits also come with sound systems and they can be set to 12 different functions. Multi-color strobe lights for cars are liked by car lovers across the globe because they look amazing. These are the latest advancement in the car parts industry and have been predicted to replace ordinary car kits in the future. They come with high-intensity, wide angle LED’s housed in strong and long-lasting tubes.

LED lighting for cars is not limited to underbody car kits. Exterior car lights are also quite popular and well-liked. These lights include bumper guard lights, third-brake lights, running lights, and multi-purpose light tube strips. In addition to these, popular manufacturers are also providing position and side marker lights for cars. All these lights are quite inexpensive and can be installed easily. High power LED modules come in various colors including cool and warm white, blue, green, red and yellow. LED multiplexing is the future of LED lighting in cars which will produce brighter, more efficient and more flexible lights.

LED light bulbs are used for a variety of purposes in homes. Recessed ceiling lights can be used for lighting up a hallway or passage. These bulbs come in three shapes: MR (Multi Reflector), Universal, and PAR type. MR and PAR types are normally used for focused or directional lighting. They are ideal to be used in night or reading lamps. Universal LED bulbs, on the other hand, can be used for general lighting purposes. These bulbs replace ordinary incandescent bulbs and range in wattage from 3.3 Watt to 15 Watt. Most of these lights are made waterproof and come in various levels of brightness.

Linear LED lights used in homes are available as light bars, rope lights, net & string lights, track lights, and signage & back lights. These types of lights can light up an entire cabinet or shelf. They are known as linear because they consist of a number of small LED’s aligned in a case. Rope lights are perfect for parties and outdoor decoration. They come in a variety of colors and look amazing stretched out on the floor. The latest rope lights come in durable glass tubing and simple electrical connections. They are very flexible and quite easy to install.

Architectural and track lights can also be used to decorate and light up the interior of an office. These lights produce enough illumination for all kinds of operations. Doorways, closets and lobbies can be lit up by using signage lights. These lights are available in the form of daisy chains and are very high power. Sign boards can be effectively constructed by using these lights which are totally waterproof and robust. LED architectural lights are available as street lights, wall washers, path lights and panel lights. LED street lights save money and energy and are very reliable.     

Wall washers are extensively used in buildings and homes to illuminate an entire wall. They look beautiful from a distance and can be used to make a building stand out from the rest. The best thing about these lights is that they are not very expensive. The intensity of these lights can be controlled through a remote control along with their color and speed. These lights operate just like underbody car kits and are appreciated all over the world. LED floodlights are ideal for outdoor illumination and they are also quite reasonably priced. These types of lights are housed in an aluminum shell which is light weight and durable.

There is a whole range of incredible LED lights to choose from. Deco, underground, lawn, ceiling, lamp, pool and many other types of LED lighting are admired by people all over the world. These lights are not only affordable but also last for many years. LED’s scatter heat quickly and therefore do not heap up like incandescent bulbs. They can be fitted anywhere because of their small size and adjustable design. Lawn lights look really pretty and they come in various colors including white, green, red and yellow. 

The quality and efficiency of LED lights can be determined by measuring five parameters: color temperature, brightness, power, color rendering index, and efficacy. The temperature is measured in Kelvin and brightness is measured in Lumens. LED’s are excellent to be used for frequent on-off operations because they don’t affect their functionality. This is yet another reason for adopting LED lighting for all our home and car lighting needs in addition to saving energy. They are also safe to be operated in any area and also serve as perfect and efficient portable lights.    


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