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100 8mm UV LED 33000 mcd

100 8mm UV LED 33000 mcd


  • Source Material:InGaN !
  • Emitting Colour: 8mm 140° 0.5 Watt StrawHat 5-Chips Ultra Violet (UV) LED
  • LENS Type:Water clear
  • Luminous Intensity-MCD: Avg: 28,000mcd Max: 33,000 mcd
  • Reverse Voltage:5.0 V
  • DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 3.0 V Max: 3.8V
  • DC Forward Current:100mA
  • Viewing Angle:40 degree
  • Lead Soldering Temp:260°C for 5 seconds
  • Intensely Bright

Led size: 8mm Viewing Angel:140 Degree

1.All dimensions in mm tolerance is 0.2mm unless otherwise noted. 2.An epoxy meniscus may extend about 1.5mm down the lead. 3.Burr around bottom of epoxy may be 0.5mm max.

Items Symbol Absolute maximum Rating Unit
Power Dissipation PD 500 mW
Forward Current(DC) IF 100 mA
Peak Forward Current* IFP 150 mA
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Operation Temperature Topr -40~85
Storage Temperature Tstg -10~100
Lead Soldering Temperature Tsol Max.260°C for 5 sec Max. (3mm from the base of the epoxy bulb)

Items Symbol Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Forward Dissipation VF IF=100mA 3.0 / 3.8 V
Reverse Current(DC) IR VR=5V / / 10 uA
Dominant Wavelength XY IF=100mA / 400 / nm
Luminous Intensity IV IF=100mA / 28,000 33,000 mcd
50% Power Angle △θ IF=100mA 120 / 140 deg
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100 8mm UV LED 33000 mcd

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