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PAR38 18W LED Dimmable

PAR38 18W LED Dimmable



PAR38-L18DC/PAR-L18A15WC WHITE/Warm CREE LED XR-E XLamp 1,440/1,220 LUMEN Light Bulb
 AC 85-265V E27, 60 degrees beam Rep. 18W replaces 75~150W Halogen PAR38, R40, PAR30, R30 


Idea for display of Jewelry Stores(selling GOLD), Museums, Crystal, and other high profile Shops
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PAR38 4.88 in (124 mm) this sales


One(1)or multiples 5,000-5,500 Kelvin WHITE or 3,000 Kelvin Warm White LED Super Bright bulb. It is built with tweleve(12) pieces CREE XLamp XR-E 7090 Series 3W LED Lamps see CREE xlamp7090

Maximum Overall Length (MOL)
5.51" or (140 mm)
Bulb Diameter (DIA)
4.84 in (123 mm)
Base Diameter
1.06 in (27 mm)

Built with Ultra Bright seven pieces total 15W(12*1.25W) WHITE 1W Emitter XLamp 7090 SeriesLED Lamps. This high-tech household or office spotlight/floodlight is the brightest of its class. Prism™ LED bulbs provide a brighter, crisper light that makes your home look its best.That's why professionals choose Prism for exceptional results and much longer bulb life. Showcase the beauty of your home with the highest quality of lights. It come standard with a 30 degrees beam spread and a light intensity of 1,284 lumens. Showcase the beauty of your home or office with the highest quality of lights. This bulb is so energy efficient that only uses less than 15 watts! May be used for indoor and limited outdoor applications. 
Technical Specifications:
       About Cree LED Link:  CREE information 
Edison medium Screw E26/E27
Parts Number
PAR38-L18DC White
PAR38-L18WC Warm White
Bulb Type
LED Counts:
Warm White
12x 1.25W Super Bright LED Chips
XLamp 7090
XLamp 7090
Lamp type
CREE XLamp series Warm White
Max. LED emitter Light Output:
Warm White
1,440 lumens (this sale)
1,220 lumens   (optional)
Light Source
Solid State White LED Lamp Dice
Body Materials
Heavy Aluminum die cast
Front Protection
Plastic Lens
Bulb Base
Edison E27
85-260 V AC 50 or 60 Hz
Wattage Lamp/Bulb
Primary Application
Indoor Spot light or Floodlight
limited outdoor
Initial Lumens:
Warm White
1,440 lumens (other auctions)
1,220 lumens (this auction)
Color Temperature
Center Beam Candlepower (CBCP)
Max Initial Lumens per Watt
WHITE 107 lumens
WARM WHITE  87.4 lumens
Maximum Overall Length (MOL)
5.51" or (140 mm)
Bulb Diameter (DIA)
4.84 in (123 mm)
Base Diameter
1.06 in (2 mm)
Special Features
Light Dimmable Switches
Fully dimmable
 Applications: For indoors use only in "open air" or nearly "open air" fixtures, such as exposed track and suspended fixtures. Cannot be used in fully enclosed fixtures.




LED Solid State Technologies:
* Aluminum body, for high shock/vibration resistant.
* Low power consumption.
* Easy installation, using existing socket.
* Solid-state, fast turn on.
* Withstand shocks, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps
* Save energy and maintenance cost, decrease of electricity costs by up to 90%
* Low heat generation. Durability over incandescent & Halogen bulbs
* Wide range of voltage applications

Typical Applications:
For Marine, Boat, Caravan, Solar, Home lighting, Table Lighting, Ad Lighting, Navigation Signal, Museum, Gallery, Shop window, Casino, Bar, Hotel, Mall, Exhibition, Meeting Room, Landscape Accent & Spot lighting, Architectural/Artwork/Mood Lighting, Display Case Accent, & More!


Optional choice for this sale: 15, 30, 120 (other types) degrees beam. Please leave a note in your Pypal payment order.
Feel assured we only sell high quality PAR38 18W LED Dimmable at the best prices around. If you have any questions about PAR38 18W LED Dimmable, feel free to email us.
  • Model: 18-PAR38-DIM

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