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30W AC 711pcs Blue LED Panel Grow Light

30W AC 711pcs Blue LED Panel Grow Light


30W 110V-130V AC 711pcs Blue LED Panel Grow Light 30W=450W 100, 000 Hours Saves 95% $ on your electric bill! 110V -130V Only The size is 30.5cm X 17cm X 4 cm or 12X 7.75X 1.5 inch

The LED Grow Light is convenient to use. You can twist it into any normal socket to replace any incandescent or halogen light bulbs. The LED light bulbs have a super long life that last for 100,000 hours. That would be more than 12 years of continuous operation. Since LED is in a solid state (no filament) it is almost indestructible (not if you intended to destroy it). LEDs are about 10 times the efficiency of a typical flashlight bulb, so you get more light and you can cut down your electric bill at the same time.

Why LEDs?

High Efficiency
The wavelengths of some LED are compatible with the absorption peak of the pigments involved in photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis. Only necessary light for those physiological functions can be irradiated.
Low Thermal Irradiation
LED in the visible light area contain little heat rays, allowing for short-distance irradiation.
Reduced Energy Consumption and Long Life
LED substantially reduce power consumption. Depending on the operating environment, an LED can provide thousands of hours of light.

Life Of LED

Since an LED emits light through a semiconductor device, its life is many times longer than that of other light sources (however, it can be affected by the operating environment).

Spectral Distribution Comparison

LED is developed to emit a specific color efficiently by adjusting the materials used in the semiconductor compounds. The wavelength of an LED is relatively fixed, but not as much as that of a laser beam. Another distinction, LED in the visible range contain little heat rays. Therefore, they radiate almost no heat in the direction of emission. Below are comparison of LED and other lamps' spectral Distribution:

110V-130V AC 711pcs LED Panel Grow Light 30W=450W
100,000 hours of life
Blue LEDs are rated at 10000mcd
Super bright LEDs in series and parallel configuration
Total of 711pcs Blue LEDs!
12 years of continuous operation
Blue: 460nm
Energy consumption is around 5~10% of a typical light bulb (depending on wavelength)
More energy efficient
NO heat
Stimulate growth and leaving with Blue light
Assist in flowering and fruiting with Red light
Perfect for green houses

There is a switch on the side so you don't have to unplug the connector if you want to turn off the LED sign.

Feel assured we only sell high quality 30W AC 711pcs Blue LED Panel Grow Light at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 30W AC 711pcs Blue LED Panel Grow Light, feel free to email us.
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