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3156 White 27 SMD LED Car Tail Bulbs

3156 White 27 SMD LED Car Tail Bulbs


2 x White 27 SMD LED Reverse Tail Light Bulbs 3156 Single Mode (On/Off)

Sixity Automotive Series LED bulb features:

  • Extreme high-brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Super-Flux (SF) emitters, Surface-Mount Devices/Technology (SMD/SMT) and advanced Integrated-Circuit (IC) controlled High Power lambertian-lens Light Engine LED devices.
  • Direct 12-Volt interior/exterior automotive bulb replacement with built in current limiting and reverse-polarity protection
  • Cylindrical, Inverted-Cone, Dome and Convex lens designs for tailored directional lighting.
  • Axial (forward-firing) and Radial (side-firing) LED devices to provide the fullest possible illumination.
  • Configurations including single and multiple LEDs, 1-Watt and 3-Watt high-power LEDs, as well as Super-Flux or SMD/SMT devices providing maximum compatibility with vehicle applications.

    Benefits of LED bulbs:
  • Faster ON-OFF response time compared to standard filament bulbs, enhancing visibility and driving safety.
  • Excellent reliability and vibration resistance for rough-service and off-road vehicle applications.
  • Reduced heat output and increased operating life (up to 50 times longer than standard bulbs).
  • Higher power efficiency and striking color purity compared to standard colored glass bulbs.

    Important color selection guidelines:
  • LEDs produce high-intensity light in narrow color ranges, typically Red, Amber, Green, and Blue. Modern White LEDs produce light that is rich in blue, but limited in red or amber output, placing some restrictions on automotive applications.
  • Always replace an AMBER glass filament bulb with an AMBER color LED bulb.
  • Always replace a RED glass filament bulb with a RED color LED bulb.
  • Replace a CLEAR glass filament bulb with a RED, WHITE or AMBER color LED bulb matching the vehicle lens.
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