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3W RGB High Power LED

3W RGB High Power LED


RGB =  Red 30 Lumen, Green 45 Lumen, Blue 8 Lumen * Standard diameter size. Diameter size between a penny and a nickel. * Aluminum heat sink back. * 2 sets of 3 contacts (Red, Green & Blue) * Best in Quality. Best in Service. Best in Total Price. Best in Honesty. Best in Speed. * Solder right on the 3 stripes is easy. * Each LED is driven separately. o Combination of the Red, Green & Blue create other colors. * Needs three (3) 1W LED Driver


  • Voltage: RED 2.2-2.7, GREEN 3.2-3.8, BLUE 3.2-3.8
  • Color: 620-630m 515-525, 465-475  (nm)
  • Lumens: R 35,  G 45,  B 12 Average (lm)
  • Angle: 110-130 Deg
  • 750mA Forward Current



Lambertian type:Ф8.0×5.4mm
● Viewing angle:120°
● Power: 3W
● Emitting color: full color (red, green, blue)
● Mainly used in lighting area


Long operating life (up to 50,000 hours,depend on operation condition)
  More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps
  Low forward voltage operated
  Instant light (less than 100ns)
  No UV
  High ESD protection >4000V
  IR reflow soldering
  Lead (pb) free and RoHS compliance
  Typical Applications
  Reading lights
  Portable flashlight
  Architecture lighting and room lighting
  Illuminated advertising
  Emergency light
  Decorative and entertainment lighting
  Uplighters and Downlighters
  Bollards / Security / Garden lighting
  Indoor and Outdoor commercial lighting
  LCD backlights / Light guides/Automotive
  General lighting ( Street lamp / Tunnel light / Floodlight, ect.)


Feel assured we only sell high quality 3W RGB High Power LED at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 3W RGB High Power LED, feel free to email us.
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