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2 FT x 2 150 LED Fluorescent Light Tube 9W

2 FT x 2 150 LED Fluorescent Light Tube 9W


2x 150 LED 2' Fluorescent Light Tube 2x150=300 LEDs 9W each T10/T8/T5 24" (2') Bi-pin Wide Beam Flood

AC 120V Warm White Wide Beam Total 600x2=1,200 lumens

Standard 3,000-3,500 Kelvin. If reqeusted over 5,700 Kelvin you will see bluish tint Replaces F32T8 32W FLUORESCENT TUBE LED GROW LIGHT HPS MH HYDROPONICS

Voltage options: ●Standard: AC 120V ●Optional (minimum order 20 pcs. and may be extra cost): AC 220V, AC 277V. DC 12V, DC 24V


LED Light tubes Features & Benefits:

● No ballast required(You need to take out the electronic ballast or cut the wires)
No cooling fans
● Reflectors will help light dispersed
LED tube lights use standard 120V, 220V, or 277 V fluorescent light fixtures, just take out your ballast.
LED grow lights typically last 7 to 10 years.
LEDs produce the
Red and Blue wavelengths of light plants can best use in photosynthesis.
LED grow lights are very low heat generation. Warm to touch and won't scorch young plants as other ordinary lighting can.
Comparing plant growth, LEDs use only 10% to 20% of the electricity consumed by ordinary Halogen or incandescent lighting. Save you $1000.00 or more per year.
Blue LEDs can easily be added to enhance vegetative growth or red LEDs to promote the fruiting and flowering stage.
● Targeted light output
● High shock/vibration resistance
● One year warranty
● Typical LED lifetime of 100,000 hours
● For ten tube lights, the power consumption are less than 160 Watts as compared to 320 Watts conventional Halogen grow lights consume. On average, you save half of your power.
Lower voltage (after passing through power supply)
Lower risk
Light weight
Less environmental hazard. LED-10LT Light Tubes contain no mercury


General Lighting Applications:
Street Lighting
Conference/Meeting Rooms
Residential/Institution Buildings
Commercial Complexes, Super Market
Cove Lighting
Schools, Colleges & Universities
Shop Signs
Plant Growth Applications:
● Interior landscape design
● Commercial plant growing
● Grow plants at home in sunless areas
● Herb gardens, lettuce gardens under kitchen cabinets gardens
Feel assured we only sell high quality 2 FT x 2 150 LED Fluorescent Light Tube 9W at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 2 FT x 2 150 LED Fluorescent Light Tube 9W, feel free to email us.
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