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6pc Wireless 7 Color LED Underbody Kit

6pc Wireless 7 Color LED Underbody Kit


LEDGLOWs 6pc 7 Color Wireless Underbody Lighting kit features four undercar & two interior LED tubes with 17 unique lighting effects using seven colors and is the only complete interior and underbody lighting kit available utilizing a single controller.

7 Color LED Underbody & Interior kit is a four piece multi-colored undercar kit with two interior tubes designed to illuminate your vehicle's interior and underbody while allowing you to control your entire kit with a single wireless remote. This kit can replace seven entire kits with one easy to use unit. Our 7 color kit has 438 ultra bright LED bulbs that can perform 12 different flash patterns, 5 different sound control modes, 5 various speed modes and an auto loop through all seven colors. Each kit is comprised of two 36" and two 48" high impact, water resistant acrylic tubes along with two 15" tubes for your interior giving you complete style and sophistication. Each underbody tube features 13ft of power wire with the exception of one 36" tube which includes 19ft of wiring. The 15" interior lighting tubes include 5ft of wire. By having two kits in one, this allows complete synchronization of patterns between the two kits and total control with just one control box. Our kit also allows you to expand your interior tubes to install an additional four tubes. Our control box allows you to choose a single color or one of the available modes. The seven available colors include red, blue, green, yellow, purple, aqua, and white. The control box has a memory recall function which remembers the last setting programmed allowing you to use your favorite mode whenever you'd like. Also included is a wireless remote which features an on/off button, speed changing button, and a pattern button. LEDGLOW stands by every kit with a one-year limited warranty and free technical support.

  • Easy to use Control Box & Wireless Remote with Detailed Programming Instructions
  • Two 15" interior tubes included & ability to add four more
  • 438 Ultra Bright LEDs for 270 degrees of Lighting
  • 7 Unique Colors to Choose From
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty and Free Technical Support


Feel assured we only sell high quality 6pc Wireless 7 Color LED Underbody Kit at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 6pc Wireless 7 Color LED Underbody Kit, feel free to email us.
  • Model: LED-6KIT

6pc Wireless 7 Color LED Underbody Kit

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