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10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit

10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit


  • White PCB Board material for indoor use
  • 10 meter (1000cm) and 300pcs 5050SMD LED
  • This LED strip is easy to install, long lasting brightness and low voltage (12V) or 110V.
  • This LED strip is completely flexible, you can twist it into any shape.
  • This LED strip with LED lights, it's the coolest way to decorate any vehicles or homes. It's safe for indoor use.
  • It's good for decorating floor mats, running boards, boat, bicycle, home ceiling mood lighting, shops, discos, clubs and more.
  • Has multi colors and many flash patterns done via IR Remote
  • Can keep one color solid
  • 3M tape applied already to back of the strips.
  • Adjustive brightness with remote
  • Package includes:
    1Pcs 10meter (1000CM) 5050 RGB Flash SMD LED - also sell alone here
    1pcs IR Control Box - If you want RF Wireless see here
    1pcs remote control.
    1pcs 100-240V AC to 12V with USA 2 prong plug Power Supply.


  • Connect power supply to wall outlet of house or office
  • Connect power supply output to input of the controller box
  • Connect output of controller box to LED strip
  • Mount LED strip carefully without bending excessively
  • Using the remote control you can change colors, patterns wirelessly.


What is the voltage requirement for this product?

It includes a power supply for 110V-240V residential voltage. If you want to use in automotive setting at 12V, then you will not need to use the power supply included with this kit.

What is the length and can I cut?

32ft about solid one length. If you cut, you can only power one length that was cut. Remember. This strip is once peice 32ft long, if you cut it anywhere, the other protion requires another controller box. We do sell these controller boxes under LED strips. You cannot operate a cut peice without a RGB controller box.

Do you have shorter lengths?

Sorry 32FT or you can buy 1ft sections from our other listing. 1ft sections can be added to each other to make custom lengths.

Feel assured we only sell high quality 10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit, feel free to email us.
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  • Model: 10M-W-RGB+5050-RGB-CNTL+6AMP-PWR

10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit

10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit

10 Meters RGB White LED Strip Lights Kit

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