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RGB LED Light Controller RF Wireless 1 Channel

RGB LED Light Controller RF Wireless 1 Channel


144 Watt RGB led music controller using RF 

Why RF vs IR? RF = Radio Freq - so you don't have to point your remote directly to the sensor on the controller to activate. This makes a HUGE difference!

IR remotes you must point at a little sensor on the controller. IR controllers are very difficult to install because it must still be visible. Not the case with RF. Hide anywhere you want! This is one of the best RGB controllers on the market for small projects and limo/party bus installations. Infact, these are used by our local San Diego Party bus builder - pictures shown!

    • Specifications:
      • Music sound LED controller: 12V, 10A, 144W
      • Compliant with CE standard
      • Suitable for indoor accent lighting/local lighting
      • Input voltage: 12V DC
      • Maximum current output: 12A
      • Output port: 1 ports (RGB+)
      • Maximum power output: 144W
      • Estimated lifespan: 30,000 hours
      • Body temperature: <40°C
      • Sound activated - Blinks to Music
      • Sound sensitivity adjustment via knob on unit
      • Designed to work with ALL RGB strips and lighting designed for 12V


    • Packages:
      • 1 x sound sensitive RGB controller
      • 1 x RF remote


What does music control mean?

This means the lights can do various functions such as flash on/off when the built in microphone hears sound.

What is the max current output?

12A at 12V

How many LED or strips can this connect to?

Up to 30 Meters of LED strip is possible, however their may be voltage drop on your strip if solid 30M long. We recommend putting Rolls on the output of this controller directly. Multiple strips can be connected to the output of this controller.



Feel assured we only sell high quality RGB LED Light Controller RF Wireless 1 Channel at the best prices around. If you have any questions about RGB LED Light Controller RF Wireless 1 Channel, feel free to email us.
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  • Model: RF-RGB-CNTL

RGB LED Light Controller RF Wireless 1 Channel

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