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2 Output LED Wig Wag Flasher 24 Watt

2 Output LED Wig Wag Flasher 24 Watt


High quality LED flasher! Choose from 11 flash patterns, and a Steady on mode.

FEATURES: Waterproof, epoxy-sealed 12 patterns 4 Amps per side 12 - 24 volt design flashes total of 24 one watt LED lights Measures 2"L x 1.5"W x .5"H Flash Patterns 1. Slow single flash alternatively then quad flash 2. Steady on 3. Quad flash alternatively 4. Slow single flash alternatively 5. Fast sixfold flash 6. Fast single flash 7. Slow double flash 8. Quad flash alternativelyt then quad flash together 9. Circular flash 10. Slow sixfold flash 11. Slow single flash 12. Fast double flash

2 Outputs MAX 24W

Feel assured we only sell high quality 2 Output LED Wig Wag Flasher 24 Watt at the best prices around. If you have any questions about 2 Output LED Wig Wag Flasher 24 Watt, feel free to email us.
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  • Model: SHO-2011

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