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3 Toggle Switch LED Red

3 Toggle Switch LED Red



  • TOGGLE SWITCHES                                                                                                               THE RED FLIP COVER PREVENTS ACCIDENTAL KNOCKING ON OF THE SWITCH. CLOSING THE COVER FLICKS THE SWITCH OFF !
  • These toggle switches can be used either with your Ignition, nitrous system as a replacement component or upgrade, or they can be used as stand alone items to activate other accessories you might have!
  • These race style switches are a great add-on to any vehicle where a 12 Volt Switched Power source is needed
  • They can handle up to 15 amps continuously and 20 amps max. and are motor safe,For loads higher then 20 amps, all you need is an automotive relay.
  • Show Cars use these for everything from H.I.D. Lights, Neon, L.E.D.'s, Underbody Lighting, Suspension Lighting, Strobe Lights, Fog Lights, Radios, Monitors, Interior Lighting, Playstations, XBox, and just about anything you want to switch, with or without the ignition on

  • These are sometimes referred to as Military Style Switches, F-15 Flight Switches, aircraft style switches and Safety Covered Switches

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