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Solar Power Controller Timer 12V 15A

Solar Power Controller Timer 12V 15A


These units will allow you to safely control your solar charger panels. They not only switch off the charger when the battery is full, they stop the battery over charging and over discharging; this considerably extends the life of your battery. You can safely leave the solar panel connected to the battery when you are not there to disconnect it, safe in the knowledge that the battery will not cook and should a problem arise the unit will switch off the charge.

Can be used for all panels up to 180Watt



    Overcharging protection




    Overdischarging protection




    Short and Open Circuit protection




    Full LED status indication: State of Charge(SOC)




    Fail Safe and cannot be damaged by accidental wiring mistakes.




    Advanced design with comprehensive timer  functions. These  



      include :-



      Dusk to Dawn ON



      4,6,8,10 or 12 hours ON



      Lights/Load On or OFF

      Test Mode. 


Not only do they do the job very well; these are small, rugged, quality built , good looking controllers with a sophisticated control circuit. They are also a bargain buy; excellent value for money. You will not be disappointed if you bought one of these. N.B You only need a controller on panels above 15 Watt but if you are leaving any panel connected to a battery when you are not there to monitor it, no matter what power rating it is, then I strongly recommend that you use a controller. Solar Panels can over charge a battery if left connected and it will do no good to the charger as well, shortening the life of both.

Feel assured we only sell high quality Solar Power Controller Timer 12V 15A at the best prices around. If you have any questions about Solar Power Controller Timer 12V 15A, feel free to email us.

Solar Power Controller Timer 12V 15A

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